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2010-06-21 12:48:36 by farizluqman

Brief information about me:
- I signed up long time ago but just start using everything on 31/5/2010
- I appreciate every arts you submited, I'll not blam any resources on the site
- I love to give 10/10 for all submissions If I loves it... Unless minimum 8/10 if I hate it.
- I don't know how to create flash (Lol) I'll learn to make one someday
- I do know make flash website
- I'll support all new submissions (in Judgments)
- Arts should not be criticized because arts is unexplainable

This is an example of Shadow the Hedgehog Fanboy.

Hola everybody, I'm in project of leeching videos which contain the fav Character of mine, guest who??? SHADOW!!!!! now I've got 39 videos of Shadow, I'll torrent it coz Sharing is Caring :-)

Firstly, I didn't like collaborations that wuz sick!!!!!!! Juz take it whenever I'm in the mood

This user

* Is a Malaysian
* Is a Non-smoker
* Is using a fiber connection for his ISP
* Likes to Eat
* Always Pray to the Lord
* Know how to Compile his own from scratch OSes
* Likes Watching TV
* Has 5 years experience in repairing Windows
* Has converted about 260 computers from Windows OS to Linux OS
* Has pass grade 7/16 of doing Python assessments (yo N00bs)
* Has his website visited by people everyday (what a big deal, n00bs migh has also)
* Is a Malay
* Is an Islam
* Respects artworks instead blaming (which has been done by n00bs)
* Has has made at least 150 attributions on wikipedia (lol I love reading, hear dat n00bs)

-This user loves

* Islam
* Prophet Muhammad PBUH so much
* Christ
* Peach
* Everything
* To make jokes
* To create a video using Open Source Video Creator
* Openness
* To make jokes on Windows
* To keep the Windows shut, so virus wouldn't come in
* To use Linux as primary OS
* To use Mouse
* To use Keyboard
* To save data on a Hard disk
* To forget about Windows
* To delete data into Recycle Bin
* To create his own Music
* To lie and tell the truth
* To play PC games
* To wipe Mac OS X off from HD and install Linux
* to hate hate haters group
* to hate Windows fanboy

-This user hopes that someday

* Windows will be forgotten
* There will be no bugs
* Palestine peoples went to shopping at their Living Mall
* Malaysia will have another tallest building
* He will be a Prime Minister
* He will be able to state 1.5 Billion numbers/digits of Pi

(Lol) you'll see me on Wikipedia.............................
.. what????? you didn't even have one???pity you... :-(


I'm not to cool in drawing, but too cool in remastering Linux operating System, will you do that N00bs, don't ya??? oh pity you once again :-((((


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2010-06-27 11:17:27

Sheesh Youre a live one. :D

farizluqman responds:

I'm your fans :-p


2010-07-06 02:41:12

Haha what about fans?

farizluqman responds:

thats me


2010-07-11 23:35:54

What did you mean by WHHHEEEEEE on my art "Contest Entry"? Hahaha

farizluqman responds:

extremely exited


2010-08-05 00:40:17

Why were you excited again?

farizluqman responds:

for fun


2010-08-26 17:14:22

...That sounded like sarcasm.

No, they unscouted me.

farizluqman responds:

keep you good work. I love them


2010-09-12 11:13:27

I got rescouted and posted two new art pieces.
In case you cared, haha.

farizluqman responds:

I've seen all of them , know, I love cartoons made by you as well as others


2011-03-19 14:38:02

wanna be friends


2011-03-21 22:48:06

wanna be friends


2010-07-10 13:07:18